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Product Features

Adopting face and back “2+1” technology: “Fabric + Environmental friendly blackout layer + Fabric” technology blackout roller shade. No matter how strong the sunlight, there will be no light penetrate.

Special weaving technology is used to create high-end full-shading curtain of double-sided fabric. The front and back of the fabric have a high appearance level. It has a strong sense of home and is more suitable for family, villa and hotel decoration.

Comparing with the same type of acrylic coating blackout roller shades, galaxy series has a strong weather-resistant effect. The fabric will not appear cracking or adhesion under the cold or heat environment.

Choose classic colors to match with the new Chinese style and minimalist style in home decoration. The plush yarn has a strong touch of bamboo knots to make the home decoration is more warm and elegant.

5 Years

Composition100% Polyester / TPU
Finished width300 cm                 118 inch
Weight424g/m2± 5 %     12.51 oz/yd2± 5 %
Thickness0.82mm ± 5%               0.032″ ± 5%
Color Fastness≥6 Grade